Power Hour at SwimMAC Carolina

Chris Webb, SwimMAC Carolina

Goal of set is promote sprint power/endurance and to bring it all together with measurable data at the end of the set for 100 speed. Using real stroke #'s and kick counts from meets are encouraged. Training at race #'s and speeds can really help athletes take ownership.  Using this set and variations ( or different equipment) during heavy volume periods can prevent losing touch with relevant speed and measure fatigue.  

60x25 on 1:00 fr/bk/or fly as follows:
4x25's  build to overspeed!
4x25's w/T-shirt MAX sprint
4x25's w/T-shirt & paddles MAX sprint
8x25's  running dive MAX sprint no equipment focus on carrying speed to surface and  your length of stroke

12x25 underwater Body dolphin (dolphin kick) w/fins  MAX sprint
8x25 running dive 12.5 - 15m underwater BD then swim MAX sprint

20x25 ideal BD off each wall with a stroke count and time  CPT (concentration, precision, and Technique)
(you must know your kick and stroke #'s)

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