Ryan Lochte's "Brutal" IM Set

Ryan Lochte (@ryanlochte)
3/7/12 4:22 PM
One of the hardest IM sets I've ever done this afternoon. #brutal

3/7/12 5:32 PM
IM set was 2x100 fly dive all out on 130 into 2x50 back 1allout 2easy on 50, into 100 free on 120 then 400im all out on 5 min. 4 rounds

3/7/12 5:39 PM
IM set was long course and 400 IM's were 4.29, 4.29, 4.28, 4.27


  1. What a set. Some serious aerobic work there. And at what speed he can do those 400's after all that.

    Sad that it doesn't say if he kept any extra breaks between the rounds.

  2. That is brutal. Amazing effort holding 4.29 or better for the 400 IM's. Especially with not a lot of rest. Quality workout

  3. I wonder if he wears his grillz while doing this brutal IM set?