Breaststroke Cord Work

Coach Ryan Woodruff
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The cycles of kick, pull and swim were done with stretch cords anchored 8 ft above the edge of the pool.  200s were regular swim breaststroke. We got some good times on the last round.

Additional info: The picture below shows how our cords are attached to the railings at the front of the balcony overlooking the pool.  It is approximately 15 feet from the wall to the edge of the pool.  I like this high-anchor position, particularly for breaststrokers as it forces their hips up slightly. Obviously, the cord at right is in use and the others are not.


  1. Picture of the cord set up? How often do you guys swim in the 20yd tank?

  2. For space reasons, we practice in the 20 yard tank almost every day in addition to working in the 25 yard course. I will post a picture of the cord set-up in a minute.