Swim Workout of the Day: Lionville Riptide

Alex Baxter
Head Coach- Lionville Riptide Swim Team

Love the site. I have been using it for ideas recently so I thought I'd share a set that came about from ideas here. This is a 1:45 practice for our Junior and Senior Group


Sunday, December 16, 2012

                4x100 hold stroke count :15R
                6x50 4 kick 2 swim :10R
                4x50 S/D :10R
                12x25 build burst ez fast :30

Gear- pick your poison (fins, snorkels, paddles, all)
2xthru-change up the gear after round 1
                2x50 at 200 pace 1:15
                2x75 moderate 1:15
                2x100 within 2 seconds of pace from 50's 1:45
                2x75 moderate 1:15
                Extra :30R to switch gear

2x75 1:15/1:20   1- fl/ba/br, 2-ba/br/fr
4x100 free 1:20/1:25 (hold 1:15/1:20 minimum)

2x75 1-50fl/25ba 2-25fl/50ba
4x100 free 1:25/1:30 (hold 1:12/1:18 minimum)

2x75 1:15/1:20   1- 50ba/25br, 25ba/50br
4x100 free 1:30/1:35 (hold 1:08/1:15 minimum)

2x75 1:15/1:20   1- fl/ba/br, 2-ba/br/fr
4x100 free 1:35/1:40 (hold 1:05/1:12minimum)

Gear- use variety you have yet to use
1x600 50 fast/150 build back to fast :30R
6x50 1-2 DPS, 3-6 breathe control (breathe 3/3 max) :10R

1x200 cruise

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