3-part Sprint Challenge Circuit with @GAswim

Rob Bond
Head Senior Swim Coach
Glenbrook Aquatics


We also do a Sprint Challenge Circuit.  Each part of the challenge is about a month apart.  No intervals - swimmers go when they are ready.  A pre-meet warm-up precedes the set.  Active recovery is encouraged, but not required.  Swimmers get 5 failures at any step before the set is cut off.  If a swimmer tries 5 times without meeting goal, the set is over and they are out of the set - send them to a different training group...

Part 1:
Pre-Meet Warm-up then
3 x 50 Off The Block @BT +2.5
3 x 50 Running Start @BT +1.5
3 x 50 Fins @BT +.5

Part 2 (approximately one month later):
Pre-Meet Warm-up then
2 x 50 Off the Block @BT +2.0
2 x 50 Running Start @BT +1.0
2 x 50 Fins @BT

Part 3 (another month apart):
Pre-Meet Warm-up then
1 x 50 Off the Block @BT +1.5
1 x 50 Running Start @BT .5
1 x 50 Fins @BT -.5

Running start sprints - begin the stopwatch when the final foot leaves the deck.  Fins can be from a push or dive - your call.



  1. This is a really good set! We do this every year but a slightly different version. Part 1 is 1x50 for all swims, part 2 is 2x50..., part 3 is 3x50...

  2. Thanks. I used to go 1x50 @Rd 1, 2x50@Rd 2, etc as well and it worked just fine. I only recently switched it up and found that I was able to drop the goal times a little bit and still have it challenging but make-able for most of my athletes. Part of the reason for the switch was going from college level athletes to HS/club aged kids. I think either way is fine, but I find it a better set as written above for the HS/club kids.

    1. we tried it as you wrote it yesterday. It was tough for them but they worked throught part 1 rather well. Moving forward I think we will continue to do it as you have written it. It demands more from them! Great set coach!

  3. LOVE the sprint sets. We call these stand-up sets but we usually don't do them with fins just off the blocks.

    Check out my 50 free from today and let me know what you think. What are your best times?