3-part Sprint Challenge Circuit with @GAswim

Rob Bond
Head Senior Swim Coach
Glenbrook Aquatics

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We also do a Sprint Challenge Circuit.  Each part of the challenge is about a month apart.  No intervals - swimmers go when they are ready.  A pre-meet warm-up precedes the set.  Active recovery is encouraged, but not required.  Swimmers get 5 failures at any step before the set is cut off.  If a swimmer tries 5 times without meeting goal, the set is over and they are out of the set - send them to a different training group...

Part 1:
Pre-Meet Warm-up then
3 x 50 Off The Block @BT +2.5
3 x 50 Running Start @BT +1.5
3 x 50 Fins @BT +.5

Part 2 (approximately one month later):
Pre-Meet Warm-up then
2 x 50 Off the Block @BT +2.0
2 x 50 Running Start @BT +1.0
2 x 50 Fins @BT

Part 3 (another month apart):
Pre-Meet Warm-up then
1 x 50 Off the Block @BT +1.5
1 x 50 Running Start @BT .5
1 x 50 Fins @BT -.5

Running start sprints - begin the stopwatch when the final foot leaves the deck.  Fins can be from a push or dive - your call.


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