Dolphin Kicking and Race Pace Set

Ryan Woodruff

For this progression, we used 10 Streamline Sticks and 6 lanes. The streamline sticks were set up for circle swimming as follows:

Lane 1 - no streamline sticks
Lane 2 - sticks at 5yd from each wall
Lane 3 - sticks at 6yd from each wall
Lane 4 - sticks at 8yd from each wall
Lane 5 - sticks at 10yd from each wall
Lane 6 - sticks at 12.5yd from each wall

We performed the following set:

60 x 50 @ 1:00 (2 sets of 30)
#1-6: Smooth swim
#7-12: descend 1-3 and 4-6
#13-18: 25 fast/25 ez
#19 - 24: 25 ez/25 fast
#25-30: at P200 (Goal 200 pace)

In each set of 6, each athlete will do #1, in lane 1, #2 in lane 2 and so on. By using the Streamline Sticks, you control the distance UW. Makes for a significant challenge on the 5th and 6th 50 of each set. Additionally, this set can be used as an experiment to test an athletes capability to swim at P200 while kicking increasing distances. Most athletes can make it while kicking further than they do habitually.

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