Everyone Swims Butterfly: A Beautiful Thing

Ryan Woodruff

Each week we make sure that every swimmer gets to train at least a small amount of butterfly.  This past week's Friday Fly Day set had our entire crew doing the same general set (reps, distance, and intervals), with adjustments made for three different ability levels within the group. 

Level 1 = Our 200 butterfly specialists who simply can't get enough.
Level 2 = Reluctant but capable butterflyers (who just can't do it all day long).
Level 3 = "Coach, butterfly... it ain't my thang"

It turned out to be a great set, and one easily manageable for one coach alone on deck



  1. This was a great set - we determined who would swim which tier based on #1 stroke. If your #1 stroke was Fly, Tier 1. #2 stroke Fly? Tier 2. It worked really well and allowed the whole team to work together.

  2. Awesome idea... Prevents the awkward moment where the coach says "people who aren't good at butterfly...go in lane 6"