"Texas A&M Kick Set" with Coach Rob Bond @GAswim

Rob Bond
Head Senior Swim Coach
Glenbrook Aquatics


Editor's Note: This is the second of four submissions from Coach Bond.  Please kick on the "Bond" tag below to see his other sets.

Texas A&M Kick Set (completely stolen - not my set, but I love it)
4-6 x
{75 @1:45 Kick
{100 @1:45 Kick Faster
{125 @1:45 Kick ALL OUT!!

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  1. What are you hoping to achieve with this set?

  2. Dgrobmyer,

    I like the set for a couple of reasons. First of all, it teaches the kids to change gears and get through a set with varying intensities/heart rates. I see it as a descend set on steroids because they truly have to "descend" their effort to make the intervals. Secondly, my kids tend to hear "kick sets" translated as "not as hard as swim sets" and the 125 is some of the best practice kicking I get out of them regardless of how I design my kick sets. The kids enjoy the challenge of trying to make the 125s and they get after it. I think knowing that they have a 75 @1:45 immediately after the 125 is incentive to lay it on the line for the 125. Finally, the swimmers enjoy the set and I get great effort out of them when they see it.

    I hope this answers your question.