Hawks Swimming Beast Mode ON

Erin Quinn
Hawks Swimming
Plate, NY
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After returning from a 3-day District Championship Meet, swimmers were given a recovery practice Monday. Today, Tuesday 7/23 it was Beast-Mode On as we have less than one-half weeks to Speedoes and 2 weeks until Eastern Zones. Before the taper begins, I wanted one last, hard practice. Let's just say there wasn't much talking. There was a lot of heavy-breathing and mumbling. I was proud of how hard they worked. #HAWKSNATION 

1300 meter warm-up
200IM kick
200BK (100 one-arm 100 whole stroke)
100 skull no kick
100 three strokes of breast under water, 2 above
4x50 Breast stroke (1 pullout, 2 pullouts, 3 pullouts 4 pullouts)
4x50 five strokes of Butterfly no breath, 10 strokes of free--repeat

400IM under 6 minutes
150 cool-down
3x100FR on 1:20
3x100BK on 1:30
400IM faster than first
150 cool-down
3x100 Breast on 1:45
3x100IM on 1:30
400IM all out
200 cool down

Total Meters: 4200