Training with the Hawks and @ErinQuinn11

Erin Quinn
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Our Hawks Team of 125 has to contend with 10 hours in a 6-lane pool that we rent out from a college.

With that constraint, we turn and obstacle into a challenge.

For instance---A crowded Monday night, and I propose a "Swim Up the Ladder" set for our Golds/Senior group.

Here's the workout for anyone who has crowded lanes, a ton of potential and not as much time as they'd prefer!

1200 Warm-Up (Swim, Kick, Drill)
4x25 Catch-Quick Freestyle Drill
4x25 Over-the-barrel Freestyle drill
4x25 Straight-arm finishes flags-to-wall free.
6x25 free sprints with only one breath :20 seconds
6x50 FR (1-3) on :35 (4-6) on :30
3x100 FR on 1:05
100 EZ

2x25 active-balance backstroke drill
6x25 Spin-Drill (odds) Streamline BD Kick evens
6x50 BK (1-3) :40 (4-6) :35
3x100BK on 1:10

4x75 Breaststroke Drill--- Fast Hands/UnderWater/Scull/Streamline Kick
6x50 BreastStroke (1-3) :45 (4-6) :40
3x100 Breast on 1:30

2x25 one-arm fly.
2x25 3,3,3 Fly
6x25 Fly Sprints on :40 sec only one breath
2x100FLY from the blocks in heats.