Active Recovery with UW-Milwaukee Head Coach Kyle Clements

Kyle Clements
Head Coach, UW-Milwaukee

I noticed that there are not a lot of Active Rest(active recovery) sets (on the Swimming Wizard) and wanted to share what I am doing today with my swimmer as we prepare for the NCAA meet in a couple of weeks. We typically do an Active rest set every Tuesday during season and find that it is a great bridge between our aerobic Monday and our lactic acid Wednesday.

For our Active rest sets the rules are pretty simple.
#1 there are no intervals the swimmer comes in and gets their time and then leaves on the next zero (1 to 10 sec rest between each swim)
#2 the Active rest swim(ar) is typically easy free and can be as slow as the swimmer wants as long as he/she is always moving forward and not touching the bottom and hanging on the wall.

Our Ncaa participant is about 10 days from starting her taper so we are still 100% go. she is also a breatstroker hence all the breaststroke work.

March 5th 2014

Active Rest

300 Free
300 NF
300 Kick

Drill Set
200 Skull (mix up front and back)
4x50 Fist Drill @50 (2 Free/2 Br)
4x75 Fist Drill/Swim/Build – (2 Free @110/2 Br @115)

Kick Set
5x150 @ 245
#1 50ez-100pink
#2 50pink-50ez-50red
#3 100red-50ez
#4 50fast-50ez-50fast
#5 50ez-100fast

Main (Active Rest)
5x(100+50+100) Details underneath set
1min rest
4x(50red+75ar+50ba) IMO
1min rest
1min rest
1min rest
1x(25 sprint fr+50ar+25 sprint br)

Rd1 = 100 neg split white/red +50ar+100 neg split white/red           FREE
Rd2 = 100 active rest+ 50 red+ 100 active rest                                  BREAST
Rd3 = 100 neg split pink/blue +50ar+100 neg split pink/blue            FREE
Rd4 = 100 active rest+ 50 blue+ 100 active rest                                BREAST
Rd5 = 100 best avg + 50 ar + 100 best avg                                        FREE


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