Choose Your Descend with Coach John Ravestein

John Ravestein
TYDE Coach - National Team
YMCA of Northwest North Carolina

We did this yesterday, I liked it because it gave the kids some freedom of what they wanted to descend but the intervals were still hard enough that they couldn't slack on the other part. I also played a game to see if I could pick which one they descended based on their effort. You can also have them pick it before they start to give them ownership of the set.

10x50s on :50
     Odds- fly, Evens- IM
     Desc 1-5
     You pick to either desc the fly or IM
Rest 1:00

8x100s on 1:25
     Odds- back, Evens- IM
     Desc 1-4
     You pick to either desc the back or IM
Rest 1:00

6x150s on 2:20
     Odds- breast, Evens- IM no Free
     Desc 1-3
     You pick to either desc the breast or IM
Rest 1:00

4x200s on 2:45
     Odds- Free, Evens- IM
     Desc 1-2
     You pick to either desc the free or IM
200 ez

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