This set led us to one of our best workouts recently

Ryan Woodruff
Head Coach
Lynchburg YMCA

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  1. So 100 bk or br slow :)then every 100 after has to be a time drop or you start back at #20?

  2. Athletes were instructed to start off at their 1000 pace, based on a broken 1,000 we did two weeks prior. This is definitely not slow.

    The goal is to make every successive 100 faster. If a swim isn't faster than the previous one, they go back up to 1,000 pace (but not back to the beginning of the set).

  3. how did you administer the broken 1000 of back or breast? How far off their 200p was it approximately?

  4. The broken 1,000 was done as 5 x 200 @:30 rest. Avg pace was approx 6 seconds slower than 200 race pace. When we did the 20 x 100 set, most swimmers were able to get down to P200, and several got down to P200 minus 3 seconds.