"Empty the Gas Tank" Freestyle Set with Coach Todd Kramer

Todd Kramer
Assistant Coach
Columbia Swim Club

Here is a set that we did at the Columbia Swim Club earlier this week. Our hours have been limited this week at our pool, so we had to swim our Senior 2, 3, and 4 groups together. Swimmers are 13-18, ranging from just below the Sectional level to OT qualifiers. This was done LCM. We just wanted to get a tough freestyle set in designed to push their limits, physically and mentally. 'Empty the gas tank' is just a phrase to remind them to not 'save up' for later in practice. We wanted them to push the fast parts of practice to their limits from the beginning of practice.

Here is the set(intervals listed are interval groups)

3x150 Free - add on fast 50 from back to front(the rest is 'fast enough') @ 2:00/2:10/2:15
3x150 Free - all fast @ 1:55/2:05/2:10
1x100 Free - Empty the gas tank @ 2:00
5x250 Free - add on fast 50 from back to front @ 3:20/3:30/3:40
5x250 Free - all fast @ 3:10/3:20/3:30
1x200 Free - Empty the gas tank @ 3:30
2x350 Free - #1 change gears each 50 #2 all fast @ 4:30/4:45/5:00
1x300 Free - Empty the gas tank

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