Wild and Wacky Kick Set with Coach Dan Mascolo of CDOG

Dan Mascolo
Associate Head Coach
Cheshire Y/Sea Dog Swim Club (CDOG-CT)

We did this kick set a month or two ago and the kids really liked it. They named it the "Wild and Wacky Kick Set".

8x      {5x Streamline Blastoffs @ :25

          {:06 Vert Fly Kick (try to do at least 10 kicks) @ :15
          {        2 rounds arms crossed
          {        2 rounds hands out of the water
          {        2 rounds elbows out of the water
          {        2 rounds streamlined
          {:30 Wall Kick right into
          {25 Sprint Kick on board @ 1:00

They LOVED it and worked harder than usual without realizing it.

Here is a time-lapse video of it:

See other workouts from Coach Mascolo here.

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