Ryan Woodruff
Head Coach
Lynchburg YMCA

40 x 50 all choice (but no breast) @ 1:00
#1 - Sprint no breath until you MUST take a breath, then build to a perfect finish
#2 - 40 meters drill then 10m no breath sprint to finish
#3 - max underwater kick and then minimum cycle count
#4 - fast for time

Fins, Paddles & Snorkels
6 x 5:00 Fartlek @ 6:00 (use whistle or wrench bang on side of the pool, they can stop in the middle of the pool for the 1:00 rest and start from there on the next one)
Continuously repeating: 25 flutter kick on side/ 25 swim.  Descend the 25 swim 1 to ? (however many they do).  Descend using the power of the legs!

Diving well set (10-12m width)
20 x 50 (2 widths) @ :30
1st width fast underwater kick followed by open turn
2nd width sprint free no breath (at least 4 dolphin kicks off the wall)

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